Solar Umbrella Water Feature

Solar Umbrella Water Feature

Product Description 

  • Ornate garden water feature and bird bath
  • Two integrated solar panels
  • Durable, weather resistant resin
  • Weathered stone effect finish
  • 82cm (H)

This stunning solar Umbrella Fountain is a standout ornamental piece that will bring your garden to life. The striking stone effect fountain features two decorative figurines and their dog, nestling beneath the intricately carved umbrella, as the water trickles down into the pool below. This charming fountain is also a haven for birds, as the middle of the fountain acts as a bird bath, giving welcome relief to garden wildlife. The soothing sound of the rain effect provides a lovely relaxing atmosphere too.

The water feature benefits from two integrated solar panels, and can be positioned in any garden or patio area with direct sunlight. Made from durable polyresin, with a weathered stone finish, the intricate hand-finished design provides a breath-taking focal point for your garden.


The water feature is very easy to install, with no mains wiring or operating costs. It?s also environmentally friendly as the water feature utilises a low voltage solar pump to constantly recirculate the water from the hidden reservoir. Follow the simple installation instructions, ensuring the solar panel is in direct sunlight and then relax and enjoy your beautiful fountain.


This Umbrella Fountain measures 82cm (H) x 48cm (W) and 48cm (D).


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